A bird's eye view of Sienna

This wall is part of the planned extension of the Cathedral
Planned in 1339 this would have vastly increased the size of the nave
Contruction was halted by the Black Death in 1348 and never resumed
This wall remains which can be climbed for a view over the city

The close up of the top arch of the wall, over 600 years old

Here we can see the enormous size of the planned extension
which is now a parking lot

The view from the top of the wall towards the city center

The Basilica of San Francesco originally built in 1228-1255

The view back to the cathedral
The planned extension would have been quite large !

Close up of the dome. The black and white stripes design is particular to
Tuscany and can be seen at both Pisa and Florence cathedrals

The medieval city of Sienna is slightly changed from hundreds of years ago
They didn't have skylights in the medieval age

The main square of Sienna. A rather small area for a crazy horse race

Typically Tuscany