The centerpiece of Florence is the incredible complex of the Duomo. This complex consists of the Baptistery, Cathedral and tower known as the Campanile. The Cathedral is the 4th largest church in Europe and unfortunately is so hemmed in by the city that one cannot get all of it into a picture. This picture shows the Baptistery to the left, the Cathedral with its large orange dome and the Campanile to the right.

The front of the Cathedral. The cathedral was begun in 1296 and consecrated in 1436. This front dates from more recent times, being completed in 1887.

The Baptistery as seen from the front of the Cathedral. Sonya is taking pictures with the camcorder of the famous golden doors.

The ceiling of the Baptistery. The entire ceiling was covered with golden mosaics.

John by the front doors of the Cathedral. Those are big doors

A view of the dome of the Duomo. One day we climbed all 449 steps to the top.

Sonya in front of the side of the Cathedral with the Campanile.