Climbing Ulm Cathedral

Ulm cathedral is the tallest church in world. At 160.9 metres and containing 768 steps
it was the tallest structure built before the 20th century
We climbed it :)

The church has two smaller steeples on the back
The interior of the church is pictured here from a previous trip ulm catheral

Getting much closer to the top here. Ulm cathedral, like most has a long history
over hundreds of years. Construction began in the 13th century, the
steeples were completed in 1890

John enjoying his big climb

This crazy building is the police department

A view down to the main shopping street, pedestrian only

Looking down at the main square of the town
Usually it is empty but today was a market

Close to the top we came across this amazing structure

John is somewhat overwhelmed by this magnificent architecture

Sonya likes it too :)

Another view with the sun shining in.
This must rank as one of the most beautiful examples of function and
form that I have ever seen

Bisecting the town is the Danube river. The area across the river is known
as "New Ulm". The old town is the area on this side of the river
One of the great things about Ulm is the combination of both old and new

Sonya can't believe that John made it all the way up

Looking outward down the Danube which flows all the way through Europe