Ulm Cathedral

The foundation stone of the Ulm cathedral was laid in 1376.
The cathedral was then constructed over many hundreds of years.
Ulm cathedral is the 2nd largest cathedral in Germany but it has the highest steeple in the World !
The steeple is 161.5 meters high and has 786 steps

The main nave of Ulm cathedral

This is the view down along the side of the nave

A view of the ceiling along the side of the name

The view along the outside side showing the steeple and the flying buttresses
Besides their striking view, flying butresses are used to support the main building

A close up view of the top of the steeple using the zoom on the camera

The steeple is totally huge, this picture was taken from as far back as we could get
The building on the right is the 'stadthaus', (city house) built in 1993