Museo archeologico regionale di Palermo

This fountain sits in the entrance way to the archeological museum in Palermo

Many of the items in the museum are from the site of Selinunte
such as these lion heads which were part of a aqueduct fountain

Reliefs from the metopes of the Selinunte temples

Close up view of one of the reliefs of the metope in the picture above
This one shows medusa getting it in the neck

Another metope, the left panel is of Zeus and Hera
Zeus and Hera were married but probably should not have been when one reads the Illiad :)

This violent scene is from the myth of Artemis and Atteone
Atteone provoked the wrath of Artemis who turned his own hunting dogs
against him and caused them to attack and devour him

A close up of the most rabid of Atteone's dogs

Not sure where this is from, but it is a Roman era mosaic