Istanbul is on the site of Constantinople, one of the greatest cities of the world.
For over a thousand years Constantinople was the greatest city in the world, having taken this title after Rome fell.

Coming across the Bosphorus on the ferry we can see the Suleymaniye mosque
named after Suleyman the Magnificient, one of the greatest Sultans of the Ottoman era.

This is a view looking towards the Asian side of Istanbul.

Sonya in a section of Topkapi palace which was the home of the Ottoman Sultans.

This is a picture of the Mihrimah mosque by the broken walls of Theodosis
These walls date from around 500 AD during the Byzatine era and protected the city for
over a thousands years under the Ottomans captured the city
The Mihrimah mosque was built by Sinan, Suleymans top architect.
An old man, Sinan was in love with Mihrimah a daughter of Suleyman who was thought to be lonely herself.

Another view of the walls of Theodosis. The walls extended for over 4 miles and protected
the city from many sieges until the Ottomans used gunpowder.
When the city fell in 1453 it was the end of the Byzatine civilization.

John with Zeus, the King of the Gods.