Hall of the Abencerrajes

The incredible ceiling of the Hall of the Abencerrajes

There is a legend associated with this hall
The Abencerrajes were a famous family in the Moorish kingdom around the 15th century
It is said that one of them got caught climbing into the window of a lady of the royal family
The king then invited them all to a banquet and had them all slaughtered

A close up of the honeycomb stalactite ceiling

Another view of the ceiling, very pleasing to the eye

Columns on the wall opposite the entrance

We spent alot of time staring at this ceiling

The view of the roof from the outside

This is looking out the entrance towards the Court of the Lions
We have no pictures of the Court of the Lions because the Lions where gone
and in their place was this stupid ugly wood planking that can be seen here

But the archways and the walls are great, so here is a picture without the wood

One last look at the ceiling, there is another in the Hall of the Two Sisters across the way