The Mezquita de Córdoba

The Mezquita ( Mesquite ) is one of the most fantastic buildings in the world
As soon as you step in the door you are confronted with hundreds of columns

This slightly more open area is located next to the Cathedral

We could not get fully into the cathedral due to construction
The cathedral was build by the Spanish after the reconquest of this area of Spain in the 1300's

An oblique view of the dome of the cathedral

The real magic of the Mesquite is the over 1000 columns dating from the Moorish times

The Mesquite was the greatest Mosque in this area of Spain

The columns and arches are everywhere, it is not possible to get them all in

The center piece is the Mihrab ( prayer niche ) built by Al Hakam II (961-76)
The Mihrab is at the far end of this picture

Some of the incredible arch work located around the Mihrab

This is the dome of the square to the immediate front of the Mihrab

The Mihrab. It is unique in that it does not point towards Mecca