This is the view from our hotel at night looking away from the ocean
Note the cathedral ruins towards the top left

The strange structure is an elevator named the Elevador de Santa Justa
It dates from around the year 1900, it takes you to a walkway which connects to higher elevation areas of the city

The view from the top of the tower towards the hill which dominates Lisbon

Sonya looking all cute in the rain
The ocean is in the background

This is The Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the ruins from the first picture
Damaged in an earthquake in 1755

The inside of the Church, construction initially started around 1393

I'm not sure what this building actually is, it's right next to the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

This is called Rossio square, the nation theater is the building in the background

This building was tucked in just behind the theater to the left
The doors are really cool

Close to the ocean is the Rua Augusta Arch, it was built after the earthquake of 1755

Nice sand sculptures

This is the Praca do Comercio (Commerce Square)
Statue of King Josť I (1775). The king on his horse is symbolically crushing snakes on his path

The Praca do Comercio looks out to the ocean