At the mouth of the Grand Canal is the Punta della Dogana. The Grand Canal is the river in the foreground of this picture and runs all the way through Venice.

The most famous bridge on the Grand Canal is the Rialto bridge, rebuilt many times in it's history, the present bridge dates from the 16th century.

A typical side canal in Venice.

The main building in this picture is known as the Ca' d'Oro built in the 1440's with a combination of Gothic and Byzantine styles. Note the waterbus stop on the other side of the river, Venice has waterbuses the way other cities has street buses.

The famous bridge of 'sighs'. This leads from the courts of the Doge's palace to the prison. It was said that prisoners would sigh as they crossed the bridge towards prison and got one last glimpse of Venice through the same windows of the bridge.

The Grand Canal in the early evening.