The main square of Venice is dominated by Saint Mark's Basilica. The present church was begun in 1063 and was mostly built over the next couple of hundred years.

This picture shows the side of Saint Mark's, with the Doge's palace to the right. The Doge's palace was the seat of goverment during the height of Venice's power as an independent city-state.

A closer view of the front of Saint Mark's.

This view shows some of the mosiacs over one of the entrances to Saint Marks. This church has some of the most incredible mosiacs in the world. As well as many on the exterior, most of the interior is completely covered with mosaics, many from the 11th and 12th centuries.

Saint Mark's at night.

A view of the interior of Saint Mark's. Pictures were not allowed inside so I had to sneak this picture. All the walls and domes were covered with golden mosiacs made up of millions of pieces. There are some 43000 square feet of mosiacs, made of pieces many smaller then 1 square centimeter. This picture does not do it justice as in real life the mosaics are very bright and golden, truly stunning.