The center of Sienna is a World Heritage site

This building is the town hall known as the Palazzo Pubblico
Construction began in 1297 and is an example of Italian
medieval architecture with Gothic influences

The town square is called the Piazza del Campo
Twice a year a horse race, the Palio di Siena, is held this square !

The square in Sienna is one of the finest medieval squares in Europe

This beautiful building is called the Palazzo Sansedoni
It was built in the early 1200's by one of Sienna's most prominent families
The look of the building today is due to restorations in the 18th century

Sonya chilling out
The are is divided into 9 seperate slices representing The Nine (Noveschi)
who laid out the campo and governed Siena at the height of its
medieval splendour between 1292-1355

These buildings surrond the main alleyway leading into the square
It was early in the morning which is why all the shops are closed

Not sure which building this is but clearly it is very old !

The facade of this building is more modern, probably dating from the 1800s

This view is looking out from the city to the near countryside
One the left we can see the original walls which surrounded the city

The view from the north east edge of the city looking towards the cathedral

John and Sonya back in the main square
Its just us and the pidgeons

One of the medieval gates which protected the city in times past