San Gimignano

San Gimignano is known as the Manhatten of the medieval world

The towers of San Gimignano were built by families of commerce
At one time there were 72 towers of which 14 still stand

One of the four main squares in the town
San Gimignano was at its height around 1200 AD

It was raining when we were there as shown by the slickness of the road
This is a typical tourist shoping street in San Gimignano

The church on the right is named the Basilica S. Maria Assunta

Basilica S. Maria Assunta is the main cathedral of San Gimignano

The square in front of the cathedral is called Piaza Duomo
I like the huge arch on the right

Easy to see why San Gimignano is the Manhatten of the medieval world

Except for the umbrellas, this scene has changed little in 100s of years

The main entrance gate into San Gimignano

The main shopping strip

This picture is an HDR picture which Sonya created by taking mulitple
pictures with different exposures and putting them together
This made a nice picture on a very grey and raining day

Leaving San Gimignano. Our trip was way too short