Sienna Cathedral ( Duomo )

Sienna Cathedral dates back to the early 1200s and is built
in a style known as Tuscany Gothic

Here is the tower known as a 'campanile'
Most Italian cathedrals have a campanile, the most famous
of which is the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Notice here that each level up has one more window then the level below

A close up of the gargoyles on the front right top of the facade

Two lions and two guys located next to the main doors

The main nave with the altar on the right
The black and white style is particular to cathedrals in Tuscany

Large stained glass windows are found on either end of the cathedral
This one depicts the last supper

Looking up into the main dome

Black and white supporting columns of the nave
Along the top is a set of busts presenting immortalized people

The dome has an octagonal base and merges into the nave

Here is the other stained glass window which is the one
showing on the outside front of the facade
The dark shadow in front is a bell

The window in the picture above is the one washed out in this picture
A bit too much contrast for the camera

Sienna Cathedral is beautifully done but has a slightly ackward
orientation in regards to the sun