Segesta was one of the major cities of ancient Sicily
All that remains today is the theater and the temple
The theater is located at the top of a high hill overlooking the valley

Standing in the top rows of the theater
Segesta was in constant conflict with Selinunte

John standing in the top row section
The ill fated Athenian expediation to Sicily (415-413 BC), was partly
in response to a request for help from Segesta against Selinute

The view from the theater out towards the sea
After the Athenian expedition ended in diaster the Segestians allied with Carthage
Cathage helped Segesta destroy of the city of Selinunte

Looking down the other side of the hill is the 5th century Doric temple

This well preserved temple has 36 Doric columns
However it is thought to be unfinished, possibly because of the war with Selinunte

Sonya and John enjoying the view over the temple

Close up view of the front of the temple

Sonya and John in front of the temple giving a perspective to the size

Inside the temple with it's solid Doric columns

Another view of the unfinised inside of the temple
No one real knows why it was never completed

Sonya and John around the back of the temple
Segesta was a very pleasent site and is highly recommended for any trip to Sicily