Monreale Cathedral

Monreale Cathedral is a triumph of Norman architecture built around 1180 AD

This cathedral incorporates 3 distinct styples, Norman, Arab and Byzantine
This is a view of the back side

The town of Monreale sits up on a hill looking back at Palermo

Monreale cathedral is full of mosaics depicting scenes from
the Bible and various saints and angels

These types of Cathedrals always feature a central mosaic of Christ Pantocrator
Jesus is always doing the 'preaching'

The central nave with it's various architectural styles
Typically Norman arches are rounded but the arches here with the
shallow tip are the forerunners of the Gothic style
The columns have Corinthian style heads

The beginning of it all, the Snake in the garden of Eden
Go Snake :)
And yes, it was the Woman who did it !

But it's ok, later on Christ comes to save the day

One last look at this magnificent cathedral