Palermo Cathedral

Began in 1185, Palermo Cathedral is built on a site of earlier churches and mosques
This is a view of the Cathedeal over the city from another bell tower

The Cathedral is connected to the Archbishops' Palace on the left

The Cathedral was added to over hundreds of years with the last elements in 1801

The entrance way used into the Cathedral, made of Arab and Norman architecture
Note on either side of the doorway are towers which
resemble those of the la Martorana Church in Palermo
This area was built around 1465

A view of the towers of both the Cathedral and the Archbishops' Palace
Here again we see the same style in the towers as around the doorway above

The inside of the Cathedral is relatively plain

The view along the side of the Cathedral with it's styles of pointed arches

The square associated with the Cathedral

The Cathedral on the opposite side from the Archbishops' Palace
The clock tower dates from the 1200s with stylistic items added in the 14-1500s