Cappella Palatina

Founded in 1132 by Roger the 2nd, the Cappella Palatina is part of the Palazzo dei Normanni

The Palazzo dei Normanni was the palace of the Norman Kings
who ruled Sicily in the middle ages
The Cappella Palatina is the basilica of the Palace

Here we see both Norman and Arab artistic features
The design of the ceiling here is an Arab style, similar to that seen in the Alhambra in Spain

The Cappella Palatina is covered with splended mosaics depicting scenes from the Bible

Here we see Paul being baptised

Here was see Paul escaping from Damascus in a basket

As is standard with the great churches of this time is the image of Christ Pantocrator

Here we two images of Christ Pantocrator, one in the central apse and one on the dome

A close of view of the main image, note the 'preaching' hand sign
Christ Pantocrator always has this preaching hand sign as Pantocrator means peaching

Opposite Christ Pantocrator was the area for the King's throne

Below Christ Pantocrator is the 'virgin' Mary and the archangels