The Adventures of Sonya and John, Two Canadians living in Britain.

The Vatican

St. Peter's in Vatican square.

Vatican square showing the columns that come out and surround the square these were erected in 1667.

The dome of St. Peter's. Designed by Michelangelo, construction began in 1546 and finished in 1589. Michelangelo died long before the dome was completed. The dome is 136 meters high and 42 meters in diameter.

The picture was shot from the observation area around the inside of the dome. There was shot through a fence which is why the picture has dark lines around the outside.Note how small the people look on the floor.

Sonya in the main nave of St. Peter's. It is the biggest church in the world.

The centeral nave of St. Peter's showing the dome and cross arms.

The dome from below. If you look closely on the left side you can see the fence running around the observation area. The top of the dome is over 100 meters away and is 42 mteres across. It was quite impressive.