Santorini used to be a island that was named "Round" by its inhabitants due to its round shape
Santorini was part of the ancient Minoan civilization
In 1650 BC the island erupted into one of the largest volcanos in the last 10,000 years
The resulting tidal wave swamped Crete and drowned the entire Minoan civilization
Some speculate that this is the origin of the myth of Atlantis

A nice view of the caldera later in the day
Looking at the islands in the background, one can understand how big Santorini used to be before the eruption

Many cruise ships come to Santorini

This is a shot of our little tour group during a trip to the caldera
The volcanic rocks are very dark

This is looking up the top of the caldera
If you look very closely you can just see the group of people on the road below the top

Sonya and John deciding to chill out and not march up the entire volcano