Ulm is a truly beautiful little town. This is the view of the cathedral square opposite the cathedral

Another view of the cathedral square with the StadtHaus on the left

Ulm town hall. This building was built in 1370 and is first mentioned as the town hall in 1419
The astronomical clock was installed in the 1500's

A close up of the Astronomical clock

The town hall on the right and the new town Library on the left in the pyramid shape

This is from down by the river looking back towards the old city wall

Another view which includes the medival tower by the river

Ulm is very pleasent

Ulm has a small area of canals

This is the Schiefes Haus built in the 1400's but now a hotel

The Schiefes Haus overlooking the canal

Some lucky person has a house that is almost and island

Another view of the canal with the Schiefes Haus in the back left