The Bastei

The Bastei is a rock formation towering 194 metres above the Elbe River
in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany

Reaching a height of 305 metres above sea level, the jagged rocks of the Bastei
were formed by water erosion over one million years ago

The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years
In 1824, a wooden bridge was constructed to link several rocks for the visitors
This bridge was replaced in 1851 by the present Bastei Bridge made of sandstone

John taking his first foray onto the Bastei Bridge

The bridge filled with tourists!

Memorial tablet on a rock by the Bastei bridge
It says, in rememberance of the Bastei 100th year celebration

Directly below is the river Elba

Looking across the Elba to the countryside
In the distance is the 400 year old Königstein Fortress

On the opposite bank is the spa town of Rathen

In the town of Rathen is a huge outdoor model Train set
This is a close up zoom from the Bastei
Note the size of the people in the picture

The view from Rathen towards the Bastei
You can see the bridge in the middle of the picture

Sonya and John enjoying the Bastei to themselves in the early morning