Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle was built in the 1200's to house relics
It is adjoined to the former royal palace which today houses the French law courts

The church is thin and tall with two stories, one for royality the other for commoners
The magnificent rose window was added in the 15th century

The inside view of the apse
Stained glass surrounds the entire structure

The stained glass along the side of the nave
Approximately 2/3 of the glass is authenticate, the rest being restored in 1855

The area of the altar and probably where the best relics were stored
As is typical it was claimed Sainte Chapelle had fragments of the 'true cross'
That cross sure gets around :)

Another section of stained glass the effect was very impressive

The view towards the back with the rose window

A close up of the rose window

The outside view showing the early Gothic architecture

Close up of the incredible rose window