Grand Palais and Petit Palais

Both the Grand and Petit Palais(s) were built for Universal Exhibition in Paris 1900 AD
The Grand Palais is on the left with the Petit on the right

In front of the Petit Palais is a big statue of Winston Churchill
Behind, on the bench is a young couple in love, ahh, to be young in Paris :)

Here we see the front of the Grand Palais
A classical front but mainly Victorian age Steel and Glasswork making up the complex

The front of the Petit Palais which is now a museum of art

A closeup of the beautiful and intricate entrace to the Petit Palais

The interior of the Grand Palais
Essentially it just a large open space covered with magnificient glass and steel

The opposite wing from the picture above
We can see a viewing platform on the left

The center dome of the Grand Palais

A slightly wider view showing how the curved wings merge into the dome

The Grand Palias consists of two long wings and a short back
Here we see the back with the typically 'green' steel of the Victorian age
Absolutely a beautiful building to be in, the best of a long ago age

A picture taken during the Paris Air Show of 1909. Fantastic !
Picture copied from wikipedia