Napolean's Tomb

Napolean's Tomb is located in the Dome Church which is part of the Invalides complex
The front of Les Invalides is shown here with the top of the Dome Church visible
Invalides was complex built to take care of disabled soldiers dating back to 1670

The inner courtyard of Les Invalides, today it houses Military Museums
The dome of the Dome Church is more clearly shown

A fine collection of Napoleonic era cannons

This chapel adjoins the Dome Church but is technically seperate
Called Saint-Louis des Invalides, it was a private chapel for the soldiers

The inside dome of the Dome church

The Dome church has an interesting design
The ground floor surronds a large hole with Napoleon's tomb in the bottom
Here we can see part of the circle with the Tomb at the bottom of the picture

Napolean's Tomb
Napoleon was interred here in 1861

The view from down in the tomb looking up
The bottom part of the Dome is just visible at the top

Another view from below showing the circular ring on the ground level

All Hail Napoleon, half pope half Roman Emperor

The Dome church from outside