Pelapaphos is an ancient city state and the site of the now ruined temple of Aphrodite.
This Roman coin from the time of the Roman Emperor Caracalla depicts the temple of Aphrodite at Pelapaphos

This mosiac is a 2nd century depiction of Leda and the Swan, which is a story from Greek mythology
In the story Zeus came to Leda in the shape of a swan and seduced her.

These next 3 pictures was the highlight of our entire Cyprus trip. About a year this sarcophagus was dug up close to the site of Pelapaphos. It dates from 400 B.C and on one side is a scene from the Iliad and on the other side a scene from the Odessey. This side shows the scene from the Iliad. In this scene, Diomedes and Odyesseus steal King Rhesus's team of fine horses during a night raid. On the left we can see Odyesseus taking the horses, while in the center Diomedes is holding off the enemy with his bow.

This is a picture from the Odyssey scene. In this scene Odyesseus and his companions escape the Cyclops cave by tying themselves underneath the Cyclop's Rams.

Here is a close up showing the Cyclops himself plus the ram with the man tied underneath. Unfortunately I did not realize at the time that it would not be possible to find pictures of this sarcophagus elsewhere. Searching on the web for the terms "homer sarcophagus paphos", one can find the news story of the find, but finding more pictures is not yet possible. Had I know this I would have taken many more pictures then the few ones I have here.