Kourion is an ancient city, having been in existance fron the 16th century BC
Today ruins exist from the Greek/Rome period and the early Christian periods
This mosiac was in the bath complex. It is the figure of a woman holding a measure equal to a Roman foot.
Around the head are the letters 'K T I C I C' which means creation

A view of the countryside around Kourion, Sonya liked the tree

This is a scene from the house of Achilles. Consturcted in the 2nd century AD, this mosiac tells how
Achilles' mother disguised him as a woman to avoid his predicted death in the Trojan war.
Here Odesseus tricks Achilles into revealing himself by throwing a shield at him

These next 2 mosaics are from the House of Gladiators.
In this scene the gladiator on the left ( Lydras ) is about to kill his opponent on the right, of which only
the first letter ( E ) of his name suvives. In the middle is the referee ( Darios ) who stops the attack

This next mosiac shows 2 gladiators ready to fight, above their heads are their names, Margarites and Hellenikos

John investigating the ruins of Kourion

A rare set of standing arches

The theater of Kourion was originally a Greek theater from the 2nd century BC, then remodelled by the Romans in the 1st century AD.
It has also been modified in modern times as can be seen by the areas on the edge

The view looking up from the stage floor

This is a christian mosaic dating from the late 4th century AD. This is located in the House of Eustolios.