Manitouwadge is John's home town
Located in Northern Ontario near the top of Lake Superior, manitouwadge is a small
mining/forestry/retirement community of a few thousand people

Founded in the 1950's Manitouwadge is a native word meaning "Cave of the Great Spirit"
This picture was taken from Enns's, which is a large hill overlooking the town
It is so named because many years ago a guy named Enns had his house up on this hill

Manitouwadge is adjacent to Manitouwadge lake seen here and in the first picture above.
Enns's is the large hill in this picture, just to the right. You can just make out a thin
vertical tower at the top of the hill. Just below this tower and to the left of it is a
small clearing, this is where the house stood and from where these pictures were taken

The view down to the far end of Manitouwadge lake

This shot encapsulates the entire downtown area of manitouwadge

A close up of the downtown
Unfortunately the buildings in the back are closed :(
However one can see Fields, the Bargain shop and Hallmark square

A close up of the Rec Center with the golf course behind it

The one and only road in and out of Manitouwadge, Highway 614
Well, not really but the other roads are bush roads
614 goes for 54 kilometers and meets up with the trans-canada

The 3 intrepid travellers, John, Mom and Sonya

Manitouwadge lake in the early morning with the ever present CBC tower
This big tower has been there since the dawn of time

Manitouwadge Lake in the early morning

The moon also made an appearance