The Natural History Museum

No trip to London is complete without a visit to the Natural History Museum

The building itself dates from the 1880's and is a work of art

Inside the space is a cathedral of Science
The musuem contains some 70 million specimens
Of course only a very small amount of this is on view

On the back wall is a statue of the worlds' greatest Naturalist

Charles Darwin was the discover of Evolution by Natural Selection
In the 1860's Darwin was on a ship named the Beagle which visited the
Galapagos islands. Darwin noticed that animals like birds on
different islands were different from each other because they were
isolated on the islands and had evolved to exploit the local enviroment

Look closely on the second floor they have swinging Monkeys

There was a butterfly exhibition at the time we visited

These little white spots are butterfly eggs

Pictures are better whith no people in them