Bath Abbey is a incredible church located right beside the roman baths in Bath. It was built beginning in 1599. It is absolutely spectacular

Bath Abbey dominates the center square of the town of Bath

The interior of the abbey looking towards the front. Absolutely stunning

Many churchs in Britain have variations on this fan style of ceilings.

A closer view of the main window and the fan ceiling

A closeup of the 3 diamonds in the ceiling

This view is towards the back of the abbey and shows the entrances, which are just below the windon on either side

A closeup of the side of the abbey facing the square.Look at the figures which seem to be climbing the 'ladders' in either side of the windows. The guy third down from the top on the right side caught my eye.

A close up of the third guy from the top, perhaps he has decided to head towards hell instead of heaven ?

A shot of the town of Bath. The abbey is in the middle of the picture just a bit to the left. One does not have to be religious to enjoy such a beautiful building.