The city of Barcelona is wonderful, very lively with many interesting things to see. We spent most of our time in the Old City, the most historic and blustling part of the city.

The monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus. This monument dates from 1592. We took a elevator ride to the top of the monument.The elevator was installed much later then 1592.

The view of the city from the top of the monument. In the background you can see Barelona cathedral and behind it Sagrada Famila.

One of the many squares of the old city. On this morning stalls of really instense coin and stamp sellers were at work.

A beautiful baroque church from 1760. This is our Lady of Mercy church.

A typical 'street' in the old city. The old city consisted of many blocks of streets like this interspersed with beautiful open area squares.

This is painter boy, one of the many street theater denizens of La Ramblas.Put a coin in his bunket and he will move his hands and legs.

La Ramblas at night. La Ramblas has got to be one of the craziests streets in the world. Chuck full of street vendor stalls selling the weirdest stuff and many street performers like painter boy above.